Friday, May 03, 2013

What I Learned from Playing Bejeweled

Never lose track of the big picture.

Focus on what you're doing even when things get shaky.

There will always be someone better than you at this, but that doesn't mean much.

Pattern recognition is one of the most important guidelines in life. Having said that, speed is an incisive factor.

Sometimes just when you think you're about to fail, the game offers you an unexpected way out. You never completely know how the game is programmed.

The best way to execute a task is to get into the groove of it. That way it becomes easier.

When it becomes easy and automatic stay the course.

Sometimes, when in the groove of a task, do not over think your actions or it might impair the flow of things. It might be best to think about something else entirely, as a helpful distraction. This brain multitasking can be helpful in solving other problems at hand.
Also, negative thoughts will trump you and affect the game outcome.

You'll never know exactly what kids who play games addictively will turn into later in life. This kind of concentration and attention focusing could very well lead to development of constructive ideas and projects. But it also might not.

You can't sit for too many hours uninterrupted with this thing. It's really really really bad for you like that.

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