Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is Camille Paglia the new Al Gore?

In recent interviews, as well as past ones, Paglia lays claim to having invented every thing from the expression "pro-sex" to the entire feminist backlash syndrome - FBS. She used to love Madonna, but now is repulsed by M's older body doing seemingly the same things she used to do -- dance and wear sexy clothes -- because she is now revealing her "sagging flesh". I must be the only gerontophile who's been enjoying seeing the nicely fit bodies of older female actors and artists, and haven't really found Madge especially saggy in her new videos. Some recent photographers have delighted in promoting particularly bad pics of her because most audiences delight in validating the Decrapitating Diva meme -- one of the great gay themes of our time. Who doesn't love the legend of the suffering of waning power, especially as Madge's later cosmetic surgery efforts try to maintain that fleeting look of fertility.