Thursday, October 21, 2010

Public Servants Don't Have a Safeword

People who vote for Prop B: Consider most SF public servants can't even afford to live in SF on their city pay, and frequently do jobs which are dangerous or really unpleasant for the sole public good, thankless and generally unrewarded, all to sew back the seams of a flawed and increasingly stressed out system. Lower level employees have already taken pay cuts, services have been getting slashed yearly and budgets cut drastically.

Private sector entities who get rich basically feeding off the general population don't have to deal with their own by-products: exploitation and despair, and use their money to distance themselves from where that happens. Public servants are the ones who pick up after this consumptive process, mainly to keep things running in some fashion.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life and Decrapitation

Repetitive stress injury from working day after day. Thought I would be an observer through this, but got caught up in the routine druggedness of people with jobs, like The Man Who Fell to Earth.

This was never going to be the healthy choice, guess I felt privileged by thinking I would never fall for this establishmentarianistic trap. Never would I work full-time for anyone but MYSELF again, and any future money I'd make would go directly to my craft and skill, whether it was my latest short video, new guitar or launching/developing the ultimate psychosex site.

Where did all the good will go? or the ENERGY whatwithall?

The body: we all know it eventually breaks down. Living like it never will is in some kind of positive attitude self-help book all over the world, soon to be in every language, originating straight from our holier-than-thou californian coasts. So why would anyone want to waste even one precious moment doing with their body -- their only true possession (if not factually physically enslaved by some other entity) doing something they don't really want to do?

A-ha, there's the rub: Whether tis nobler for the heart to suffer the slings and arrows...
No, wait.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday. Seven pee-em.

Driving back home from work I saw people with very gray, sickly faces. Not just the first guy, who was crossing in front of SF General Hospital, but later another lady, several blocks past the hospital. She had baggy clothes, but not necessarily disheveled, and a nice haircut. Everything else about her was quite normal, except her face -- a grayish-green shade.

Now, I doubt they both had the same terminal illness at the same time. But now that I think about it, they also had the same malaise in expression, a very unhappy one, on the fringe of desperation.

At the moment of seeing the first person I also began realizing everyone was driving crazy, they had been doing that since I left work. This was Tuesday evening. Had everybody gone to happy hour and were now totally drunk going home? Had something suddenly happened in local/international news that I wasn't aware of yet? Was this a regular behavioral pattern of normal people on every Tuesday after work?

I'm either becoming less wise about humanity, or creating my own mystery thriller in my head out of pure boredom.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Camille Paglia - No Sex Please, We're Middle Class

Amusing article. Smacks a bit of old fuddy-duddy bemusing the infamous "lack of eroticism" of modern media, and nostalgia the so-much-better bygone days when things were more prohibited.

"There’s no mystery left. "

Heard that before?

"...without an ounce of genuine eroticism. "

This quip about L. Gaga is not an insult at all. Her art transgresses the erotic norm, and you'd think Paglia would see that with in-your-face s&m dirty video imagery. I concur, that is not genuine eroticism, it's late century expressionism, like M. Manson and Nine Inch Nails.
It is so not what she's about.

Paglia even sounds chauvinistic, when as a spectator she wants women to be more erotic. I do agree that modern life de-sexualizes people for business purposes -- modern family can survive only in function of business (that's why they'll HAVE to let gays marry. It's practical business sense, although I don't believe marriage the way it's still set up like the middle ages makes any business sense either: obsolescent.) But if making a living in the real world means having to curtail a bit of your eroticism on the job site (!) then maybe you can lead a fulfilling career in some other field and then do or pay for your sexuality somewhere else intimately fulfilling, like guys do, and that might just be okay. Because you can.

In this following quote she's pretty much defining successful and ambitious women as reproductive ones. I have serious issues with that statement. There will be more and more women foregoing reproduction, you watch. Truth is, it's just not an essential/defining part of womanhood anymore. Sorry, just the way it is.

"Men must neuter themselves, while ambitious women postpone procreation".

But as women try to gain more life power -- as in jobs, cultural careers and options for life choices -- they can define their own kind of sexuality and eroticism. Hate pseudo-quoting Kissinger, but power is one of the best aphrodisiacs in my book, too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A New Bio-directive

There's more than one reason older women are more attractive these days: not only because they've been taking better care of themselves, having less children, and generally living their lives in more fulfilling ways, but also because the biological focus has shifted more towards present group maintenance rather than future sustenance of the species as a whole.

As we near the visible end of the human adventure on earth, the identified "instincts" to propagate give way for more reasonable and practical instincts: how to live well the rest of the time we all have left.

The saying that males -- young and old -- are always on the lookout for the young, fertile females as an irrefutable, irresistible urge to carry their seed into the far future, may be shortfalling to a new reality of a species in precarious conditions of survival into that far away future. Chances are getting slimmer daily that even two generations from now they will be able to enjoy simple pleasures such as non-toxic shellfish, or un-synthesized meat or natural plant and fruit products. Bladerunner comes to mind, with a now more plausible scenario of most animals being extinct, and a huge market for animatronics and synthesized hyperrealistic creatures, used in everything from pet needs to natural photoshoots for visual illusion.

In biology, animal species tend to propagate in different patterns mostly according to their environment. In a high risk, dangerous habitat species reproduce in quick, large quantities, flooding the environs with as many offspring as fast as possible in the short time of parental life they may have left.

Seeing how we -- and I'm primarily talking about middle class western societies -- have created a more comfortable environment for ourselves, with most people working with an option for windfall for future needs -- savings plans, 401Ks, the need to reproduce no longer serves our environment. Although we are still in need for a young workforce to maintain the older crowd (which is getting older by the minute as baby boomers age) it is no longer true that having more kids is more profitable or even convenient. Women in these countries are in fact discovering that having any kids is not only quite unprofitable, but downright inconvenient to the simple goal of having a happy life.

Both Italy and Japan have continued to hold world records in negative population growth in the last ten years. Despite minor differences between these two countries, within the same socio-economic status child-bearing women have largely stopped having kids. Women's lives have simply been made more difficult by having children, apparently at all socioeconomic levels, so women have finally stopped and taken note. Females are not moving out of their parents' house, not getting married or just choosing to not spawn even when partnered. It's simply too much trouble -- and not enough reward. There is the highest level of single female headed households in the world now than ever before, and a higher number of physically self-sufficient women than ever before.

In this present-tense scenario, people look to sex more for bonding and entertainment purposes, and for raising the quality of life. The whole esthetic of bio-fertility of younger women being more attactive no longer makes sense, and it's resulting in males opting for older women rather than young ones as a more attractive choice. I don't believe that these are conscious choices, but most talk about children as a major motivator for relationships no longer holds true nowadays, for the vast majority.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Social Networking

Yesterday people at my job were wishing me happy birthday all day. It wasn't my birthday. Then I realized... it was my facebook birthday.

These colleagues were people I had not friended on facebook, either, except for one. And after that first person said it to me -- and I thought he'd know me better to remember my real birthday, since he had been invited to the party some two years before -- I just stopped telling the rest that it wasn't my real birthday after all. I just gave up, and took all the new birthday wishes in stride, kind of rejoicing to have a brand new birthday, the second one this year.

I don't feel comfortable exposing true personal identity data on any of these sites, and I've been on them since friendster pre-history. It always shocks me how much intimate information people post on this thing, and not surprised when it bites them in the ass.

It made me realize exactly just how powerful facebook has become. It just creates whole new realities for people, pushing their real-life events to a questionable back file in their brain.

Upon signing in to fb of course I had a slew of birthday wall posts, and they also included several other people who had been at my IRL birthday party previously.

I thanked them all profusely.