Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today I'm orbing on...

People's grooming habits & youth fashions

Specific clothing signals which identifies them to a group of self-assessed peers.
Social class codes as signified in detailed accessories: shoes, clutches, purses, bags, backpacks, briefcases, designer messenger bags, computer bags, shopping bags.
Glasses, blings, rings.
Hairstyling. Makeup. Skin condition.

Women's shoes:
Amazing how many ladies wear the extreme pointy tipped stilettos. Always wonder how much paycheck is enough to wear those to a job.

Class issues about:
The falling off pants vs the tight beatle jeans for dudes with pointy bootlets
High heels, skirts, visibly uncomfortable bondage for everyday workwear vs comfy designer flats vs utility boots.
Fat vs thin and extra tight pegleg jeans.
Fashionable/tasteful fat chicks vs colorful/alternastyled character plumpettes.
College/student utiliwear, muted earth colors and beige, in expensive vintage-imitation 70s frocks kids vs personalitywear, vintage, unique and lowbrow arty.
Office workforce, dotcommer/student/eco-conscious vs. burner fringe semi-groomed.

Mostly, this boils down to my rant against the TASTEFUL. It's such a distasteful word. The end of creativity. Someone else's design to be hiding behind, such as in fashion - haute couture being the creative pitfall for anyone thinking they're arty.

Bleached hair. Artfag hair. Spiking.

In Tokyo all the young salarymen in identical trendy black suits - no tie! - pencil leg pants & pointy shoes, had spiked hair also. About 70% of them. Office guys.