Saturday, June 14, 2014

So, I had a dream.

Without boring the non-dreamer listener, I suddenly found myself in the 1970s, in a cruster's bar - with my iPhone.

Before I pulled it out of my purse, I had been conversing with these two old guys at the bar.  As our conversation hit taking a photograph, my iPhone appeared, and the conversation halted with the two staring at my device - completely silent.

They stared without understanding, probably because I'd said something about taking a picture with my phone.

Getting an uneasy feeling, I said a quick set of goodbyes because I had to, uhm, do something at that very moment, and I exited the bar.

Next scene, I was hiding out behind an outhouse? and something had happened, I'd prolly been knocked out because I couldn't find my purse, with my phone in it, of course.  The thing that most terrified me was that i could now no longer make my way back to the teens where I came from, because my boarding pass app had to have been in my phone, or in my purse at least.

Looking around, I found under a trash can the remains of my purse, with almost everything gone from it, and definitely my phone.

Eddie had come along with me on this trip, but for sokme reason had not come to the bar where I'd been mugged.   As I was in my no-return panic, Eddie showed up. He was quite distressed, because he realized he was in the 70s with a rocker haircut, and getting too much flack for it, had gotten a crew cut by some woman he met on the street.

I was aghast at how different he looked, and by the fact that he had already deserted me psychically. Saying he had to go back to this woman, he suddenly found her closeby, and right then I had a further future vision of what these two had become, from merging; two yellow boxy, rhinestone and glitter encrusted robots who shared the same sign language. That was the adaptation to stay within the 1970s, I guess.


The Feel of Things Falling Apart

Waking up in the morning with body pain.


I don't know.

Is it all the sugar I eat?  Because I've already stopped eating wheat since seven years now.  And they promised that my joints would stop degenerating!

They lied.  Again.

So, now the infrequent exercising begins.  In the living room.

It's a brand new reality, the body changing.  Take it as it comes. Quit the day job. Feel the pain.  It leaves no stain.