Friday, December 20, 2013

Feminist Re-loaded: Fetish Business Cosplay

The belief was that if you had no need to wear high heels or any type of restrictive clothing, you could move freely about, without any excuses of being impeded in the movement of trying to get away from someone, or just running, and making practical carrying moves -- doing manual labor, that is.

Just like a guy would. He doesn't think twice about the dangers of doing errands or daily acts of physical activity because it's too difficult in the heels, or it will make his clothes dirty.  (Unless he's wearing some fancy suit, that is, and then I don't care about him anyway.)

So, having freed myself of this tired and impractical trope of the helpless girl who can't do all and everything on her own, I thought I'd carved and cleared myself the sure pathway to success.

After all, these clothes are just a bad joke, perpetrated upon women for the sole viewing pleasures of the business males:  I will never be paid enough to wear this cosplay  (even though I actually have given a think about exactly how much that enough might be. )  By wearing this gear, you are consenting to your domination by someone who is not restrained, and basically owns your ass, and wants you to look like that, and is also amused by the added difficulty to your job while doing it in that same amusement gear.

Looking back, I asked myself: Well, did this help in getting me the career of my choice?

Sadly -- I still don't know.