Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Day, Another Dead 'un.

The schedule varies from being completely uneventful - and the word dead just seems to describe it appropriately - to definitely jumping: bodies to go pick up from all wards at the same time, tissue disposal to do in the back (we'll talk about that one later), relatives and funeral homes calling, and bodies and gurneys to get shuffled around.

Today two bodies weren't logged into the holding area logbook, so no idea where they came from, but I did log them out. New MEAs and nurses sometimes don't know procedures with deceased clients, and there's lots of them these days.

Hospital policy for naming unknown cases (dead ppl who are unidentified) is to give them a random animal name, plus an emergency room code with numbers, until they're identified by coroner or family. They come in to me as Zebra, Antelope, Elephant, Deer, Penguin, Tiger, Lion etc.

Kind of bizarre getting these body bags with critter named tags. Not sure where the idea comes from, to call ppl with animal names, instead of just a number. I'll have to ask.

People wander lost in the hospital underground tunnels. Proof is in the wall hieroglyphics. They are utterly lonely, and sometimes all they can do, besides giving haphazard directions to somebody who might or might not pass the same spot, is answer back desperately to any sign of human communication in these dark labyrinthine dungeons.