Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Week's Most Alarming Headlines

Cyberspies found in Chinese drywall

As recession deepens, freelancers forced to fire themselves

Parents talk to their kids about drugs, get 20-year sentence

GOP leaders demand probe of ‘sexting’ teens

Exploding cellphone erases man’s memories; now he can’t find his keys

Porn star injured by giant penis: ‘I never saw it coming’

Online predators disguise themselves as cute animals

AG launches crackdown on ‘skanky’ amateur porn models

Madonna opens her own orphanage in Brazil

Gay fans confused by Madonna’s Maternity Girl clothing line

SF masochist gives up self-flagellation for Lent

Wal-Mart launches new chain of illicit drug supermarkets: Offers cartel leaders low-wage jobs

Feminist scholars embrace ‘power shopping’

Vegetarian porn site infuriates meat lovers

Amid economic turmoil, ‘Reassuring Delusions’ leaps to top of bestseller lists

Mormonic beliefs gain new followers in Muslim countries

Iranian diplomats admire guillotine on visit to French museum

USC screenwriters enjoy field trip to San Fernando Valley

Sanskrit scholars sell out, go to work in Bollywood musicals

Struggling students learn failure is, in fact, an option

Alien transmission decoded, but you don’t want to know what it says

Courtesy of C. Ward